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Red Feet Wines
49 Cemetery Lane
King Valley
VIC 3678


Opening Hours
Friday- Sunday  and public holidays.
11am-6pm (Daylight saving) 10am-5pm (EST)

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We grew up in a typical hectic household where nothing ever stood still. Both ambitious yet appreciating that it’s often the simple things that give us the greatest enjoyment we set up the King Valley’s – Red Feet Wines.

We only stumbled on the King Valley, and have never looked back, it is picturesque, with lush pastures and stunning river, cool in summer and crisp in winter. When we decided to take the risk and set up Red Feet, we knew there is plenty to learn, mistakes to be made, but great times to be had.

Our wine reflects our desire to have attention to detail, and to start a conversation whether about the variety, flavours or method of vinification.

We are one of the 14 wineries in the King Valley with a cellar door, and produce a sangiovese a wine the King Valley is famous for.

Everything here at Red Feet is a work in progress, we started out seriously in 2010 when we planted three rows of Sangiovese, every year adding a few more.  Currently, we have 1.2 acres of Sangiovese, 0.6 acres of Nebbiolo a little Tempranillo and Zinfandel.

Our current release wines are all made from local vineyards within the King Valley.

We welcome you when you are next visiting King Valley Wineries to come and join us for a tasting.

Megan Star
Director – Red Feet Wines