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Wine Diamonds

Many people think these clear crystals floating in the wine are salt, sugar, or sediment.In fact they are harmless by-products of wine, and some equate their presence as a mark of quality, in that the wine has not been overly manipulated in the winemaking process.

When exposed to cold temperatures, the tartaric acid naturally found in grapes binds with potassium to form a compound called potassium bitartrate. It’s the same as cream of tartar used in cooking.


All our white wines undergo a cold stabilisation process to remove these tartrates before bottling. In a large commercial setting, this is then forced again but we don’t have that scale! In our case, some are left, ready to crystallise in your fridge or through a cold King Valley winter, our Chardonnay is one of these. Just another reason why diamonds are a  girl’s best friend!

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