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Vintage 2018 Kicks off here in the King Valley!

This Friday grapes will be picked to start the process of becoming your 2018 vintage wines! There is a mix among our wines as to what is hand picked and what is machine picked. This is due to own and growers vineyard set up, the variety and characteristics of the vine.

For all the grapes  we like the grapes to be picked as cold as possible, this is to slow oxidization particularly for whites, Machine picking allows the grapes to come off the vine faster however the actual berries are spit and exposed for a longer time period to air. For more delicate varietals hand picking allows the berry to stay whole and be processed in a more controlled manner. As for the reds the grapes are cold soaked to add colour and flavour before fermentation.

Machine picking  is rough on the vine itself and results in lots of other goodies in the bin such as leaf matter and sticks which we then have to try and pick out before the grapes are de-stemed. It also is difficult when there is slope involved. The juice will run out the back of the picker or the slope on the side of the hill results in the picker hitting posts. So hand picking is required.

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