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Sangiovese Clone Wars

We have had a very small and limited experiment at Red Feet Wines with three clones. We have selected two clones from the Italian nursery Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo (VCR) – VCR 102 and VCR5. The third one was selected from the Matura gruppo, and is called MAT 7. We have decided to bottle them separately so you can taste who wins the war!

A clone in the context of viticulture, is a single vine of a variety from which cuttings are taken and propagated.  Clones are slight differences within a variety.  These could include lower cropping, riper berries, better colour.
All three clones are planted on the hill right near cellar door. We have found Sangiovese wants to crop very heavy naturally, so it requires shoot thinning and bunch thinning to get a concentrated wine.

The three clones have all had the same treatment throughout their lives. All clones have had the same French oak.

MAT7- Very lively dominated by red fruits, red cherry, clean acidity and soft tannins. Interestingly, the oak in this wine appears more vanilla than the other two.  I feel this is more a drink now style of wine.

VCR5- The darkest, most brooding and intense of the three. More dark fruits, black cherry, tar, liquorice and a reductive brine character.  I believe VCR5 will be the best for aging longer term.

CELLAR BLEND- Approximately 75% VCR 102, 15% MAT 7 and 10% VCR5. This wine lays somewhere in between with red and black cherry, smooth tannins and chocolaty oak

All three are in the gift box for $155 and in a normal 6 pack for $250. Wine Club Discounts do apply,


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